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Velenje castle is one of the most preserved castles in Slovenia. It is first mentioned in 1270. First owners were Kunšper gentlemen followed by their relatives Ptuj gentlemen and the family Liechtenstein.

Afterwards the castle rapidly changed owners. Family Wagen von Wagensberg entirely renovated the construction in the 16th century: the fortress was transformed in a Renaissance residence.

The most important owners in the 19th century were Karl and Bianca Adamovich. The last owner of the castle count Coronnini-Kromberg used the castle only as a summer residence until 1943 when Germans drove him out of Velenje after the Italian capitulation.

After the Second World War the castle became part of general social property. Apartments were made, a lot of furniture was demolished and the building was falling into ruins.

In 1957 Velenje coalmine founded a Museum of Slovene Coalmines in the castle. Gradually first collections were organized and at the same time an intensive renovation of the building was done.

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